Writing about writing is like dancing about dancing

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

There are 9 megajillion blogs devoted to the subject of writing. Big Question: why the hell would anybody want to read this one?

(Guess that’s a rhetorical question, since nobody actually is reading it. If a blog falls in the forest, etc.)

A big part of the problem is that if you’re interested enough in writing to read blogs on the subject, there’s a good chance you’re probably a writer yourself — maybe even beyond the check-signing or note-to-teacher level.

I don’t claim to be an expert on writer productivity, but as a writer, my main priority is to write. So, how much time, realistically, can a writer devote to writing about writing without sucking all the time he has away from his “real” writing?

But wait, says the man in the brown hat, you must be a fucking idiot, because writing about writing is still writing (right?)

I’ve long maintained that it’s better to be a fucking idiot than a non-fucking idiot. But aside from that, the man in the brown hat is a hairy-backed catfucker. If you’re a writer, you must have stories to tell. Writing about making the story is not the same as making the story.

No way.

Now, I fully accept that dispensing authoritarian advice about writing can be a useful part of making you sound like a writer. I know, perception is everything, but many of the pearls of wisdom I see posted in blogs is a warmed-over watered-down rehash of crap that’s already been said a million times. Sure, I could tell you not use adverbs and all that stuff. But to quote Mitch Hedberg, “well, who the fuck am I?” What credibility do I have? Have you actually seen me write? I could be just making all this stuff up.

If there’s one writing subject that makes me want to stab my ass with a broken beer bottle, it’s “writer’s block.” It’s a heaping buttload of crap. In most cases, writer’s block is when you realize the crap you’ve been writing sucks, and your brain develops an allergic reaction. It’s easily cured by taking up needlepoint.

It is 99% bullshit. Unless you have a stroke or subdural hematoma or other traumatic brain incident, and your arm is still connected to your body, you can still write. Just pretend it doesn’t suck. That’s what I do.

  1. soulintention says:

    You hit the nail on the head — or ass or whatever —- but writing about writing is just one of my many favorite subjects to write about.

    If it is not good or “sucks” — I have learned to not give a %#@$# because — I just love to write — typos, well they are meant to be corrected and critized — but that’s enough of my BS – I have to say I enjoyed your post.

    Write ON!

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