The Lizard Pit Podcast

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Okay, all you podpeoples. Don’t have time to read my longwinded prose? Now’s your chance to have it done for you.

My story, “The Lizard Pit,” is now available as podcast over at
Well Told Tales, a quality source of pulpy horror, sci-fi and hardboiled fiction for all your entertainment needs.

Please take a listen, download it and drop a comment.

The reader, Steve Anderson, did a great job with the story, which to my ears was completely unedited from the original.

It’s a gas hearing your words read by someone who can actually speak (as opposed to talk.)

  1. Glenn Weir says:

    Hey man. Just wanted to tell you–one writer to another–that your story “The Lizard Pit” is truly exceptional. Steve Anderson interpreted your words wonderfully. I’ve listened to scores of stories on the podcast sites, some of which I currently have work being considered, and can say “Lizard” is the finest I’ve heard. You, sir, have ability. I do as well and can recognize it in others. It’s a command of language that goes beyond the mechanical–YOU have power in your words. Thank you for writing “Lizard Pit”. I found the character of Theo Trout to be most entertaining…and I don’t normally laugh out loud listening to a podcast. Keep writing, brother. You’re onto something. Glenn

    • horacejames says:

      Thanks, Glenn! It’s great to know that I’m getting through. And that there are other high-functioning deranged people out there.

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