Jesus H. Christ on a Kawasaki! That sucked!

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Regarding my previous two posts.

Do any of you people give two hard shits about Lester fucking Dent? Or more specifically, would any of you iPodulated webtwerps be willing (or able) to pass that dense slab of compacted brain dookie that comprised my last last post through your prefontal lobes?

I didn’t think so. (But you have to admit, the parts of the brain can sound mildly erotic… massage my amygdala, Magda. Oh-ho-ho-yessh!)

I promise, if I write about “my art” I’ll try not to make it sound so mind-numbingly banal and pointless. Even when it is banal and pointless.

Really, I don’t completely suck. Please believe me.


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