Born to Run… with it

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Man, I can’t keep this blog updated for shit.

Oh, nevermind, I just did.

Life shambles on, no major literary achievements to report. Have been beating on what I hope will be my first longer story, “Smoked.” Longest thing I’ve written to date, it’s currently at 9000 words.  Too fat for a short story and I’ve just come up with an idea for a second arc that will take it out of it’s current stasis.

I’ve finally figured out that the first symptom of a story going into a vegetative state is that your characters start talking about shit that’s already happened.  Not a good thing.  Usually when I reach this point, I go back to the beginning and start editing. Not this time. There’s no going back, baybee, we were born to run with it. To the bitter bloody end.

Going to visit friends in Naples this weekend. Florida, not Italy. Another drive across the ‘glades, green inspiration for a warped mind.


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