Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Merry post-Christmas!  (Insert alternate religious, spiritual and/or celestial event that fits your belief system.)

Things are good here, had a birthday on Monday (fuckyaverymuch) that makes 37 (in hexadecimal.)

Wife and son just went to go pick up mother- and sister-in-law from the airport, they were supposed to fly out of Chicago on Wednesday but the Snow God was pissed off and they were grounded, couldn’t get another flight until today, so we were bluesed out by them not making the xmas scene but I’ll throw some steaks on the grill when they get in and we’ll have a late xmas supper on the patio.

Meanwhile, in the fictional world, have spent the past couple of weeks rewriting an older story (because I’m a gooder writer now) and I’m ready for somebody to give it a read through.  It’s dark, but it’s not a horror story. It’s full of teen deviant sex an violence.  Working title is “Symphorophilia” (look it up.)  No idea where I’m going to submit the sucker.  Are there markets for violent dark humor sex kinkfiction?

I think the sex is hot in its own creepy way, although it’s not  erotica.  I’m open for suggestion as to a suitable market for it. It’ll probably end up like my story, “Separation Anxiety.”  Nobody seemed to like my combination of sado-masochism, detachable penises, forehead vaginas  and slapstick humor.

Someday the world will catch up with me. Probably after they lock me up  in the happy home.


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