Unreconstructed: The Lemon Song

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Man… just listened to Led Zeppelin’s “Lemon Song” from their second album.  a record I must have played the grooves off of in high school.

Yeah sure, on one level, it’s another case of a bunch of white boy’s ripping off old blues masters (in this case, Howlin’ Wolf) but you need to go back and listen to John Paul Jones bass playing on that track.

(While you’re at it, go back a little further and find a Howlin’ Wolf recording of “Killing Floor,” the source for this “original” Zeppelin song.)

Nothing I hate worse than a cover song whose main spin on the original is that it’s played louder and/or faster (i.e., 90% of all rock covers) but Jonesy’s bass lines are so fluid yet funky that it transcends the genre.

Besides, everybody knows that the rhythm section was the better part of that band.


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