Rosie and Josie, the Brown-nosed Puppies

Posted: February 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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My mother-in-law has been a resident of the HoJay Hilton since January. Her birthday (85) is tomorrow so my sister-in-law flew down for a surprise (and an escape from the Chicago weather.)

Mom and the girls were going through some old keepsakes, and she pulled out some notes that her late husband had left for her when they were newlyweds. He had a penchant for naming things.

I think the situation in those days was that she made his lunch before she went to work, and he came home for lunch. I’m paraphrasing here…

Hi Snooky,

Lunch was great today.

Can’t wait to curl up with Rosie and Josie, my two brown-nosed babies!

Papa Bear

The girls were confused. They had five girls, but no Rosies or Josies.

One look at “Snooky’s” embarrassed face and it became obvious.

Yep. Rosie and Josie were her titties.


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