Drought Lizards

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
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It’s so dry in South Florida.

(How dry is it?)

It’s so dry that if you squirt some water on the pavement, a half-dozen little brown reptiles will jump out of the shrubs, hurl themselves at the nearest rivulet and lap it up like a pack of tiny flat wiener dogs.

No kidding.

We’ve had about a quarter inch of rain in three months, one of those El Niño years. It’s like Tuscon, Arizona here, and the landscaping is becoming desert-like. 

I have no affection for grass, or anything that requires regular cutting. It’s pointless, like shaving.  Over the years we’ve replaced a lot of the stuff with native plants, but we finally had to bite the bullet and set out some sprinklers. The stuff was starting to look like a fire hazard.  We’re only allowed to water on Sundays and Thursdays, so today I’ve been busy repairing hoses and ancient sprinklers.  As I write this, water is now being spritzed into the atmosphere and falling like… water.

We have a huge staghorn fern hanging on a chain under our mango. I’ve been wanting to move it because the chain was cutting into the bark, but it weighs a ton and in the interest of my back, I’ve put it off for years.  Well, the thing is now so dry that I could actually carry it, so I was able to break the bolt with a pair of vicegrips and lug it over to the swingset and hang it on a rope. Now you can at least see the thing, it was hidden before.

Of course, it looks like a giant brown hairball, but it’ll come back.

‘scuse me, but this post is making me real thirsty.

  1. I love lizards! Do you have a picture of their drought whoring?

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