Terror From the Downspout

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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We have more than our share of weird critters roaming our yard. Hey, it’s Southern Florida, a natural refuge for the cold-blooded — and not only the criminally insane kind.  Last week I found the discarded skin of an Everglades Racer snake.  Almost four feet long.

Tokay Gecko (gekko gecko)

Tokay Gecko (gekko gecko)

Today’s featured critter: the Tokay Gecko. We only have one of these beasties. He lives in a downspout at the back of the house and his calls are a delight. They’re loud and completely off the wall — although, as a gecko, he can easily walk on the wall (or the ceiling.)

Here’s a recording, although our dude has a much fuller tone (the male call is halfway down the page.)

These suckers will bite and will not let go unless you submerge them.

Also referred to as the “fuck you” lizard by soldiers in Viet Nam (I can hear that in the call: FUCK you, FUCK you….)

I almost drowned ours a couple of years ago.  One day I was out in the yard and saw a thin hairless tale disappear into the top of the pipe.  It had to be a rat (aka Miami Night Squirrel) so I blocked the bottom  with a rock and shoved the hose in the top.  After running the water for maybe 15 minutes I moved the rock, and a funky pink dinosaur nose sticking out.  I felt terrible, but he came to in a few seconds and climbed back up.

  1. That lizard kicks ass : )

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