Tough Love

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m a negligent blogparent.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been made a ward of the state. The poor thing doesn’t have any friends. Plus I feed it deep-fried Twinkies and jugs of high fructose corn syrup, let it skip school and stay home watching Spongebob.

It needs good hard posting, but Twittering is so much easier.

(There you go kid. There’s your posting. And no whining! Why, when I was a kid, the only posts we got were up the sides of our heads! And it wasn’t none of this digital crap, neither — it was solid wood! With railroad spikes! And we was damn glad to get it, too. Now get yer little packets out there and propagate, gawdammit!)


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