I’m on Facebook. Deal with it.

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

And no, I’m not going to create a goddamn link. Just go to there and do a search. It’s not that hard.

No, I’m not in a bad mood. I just want to write like a goddamn bastard. Or, to steal some intentionally misspelled words, a gaddamn basterd.

Took son to his first Taekwondo test, for his yellow belt. He was awesome. Did his forms, sparred really well and broke a board with his fist. Woo!!!

Can’t say enough nice things about the people that run this place, South Miami Taekwondo. A real community, there were whole families — mom, dad and the kids — on the mat sparring today. I have no problem with slamming Miami for being a huge soul-less carpet of sprawl, but sometimes you need to point out the un-fucked up.

Once in a while.


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