Changing Streams in the Middle of a (Dead) Horse

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Maybe it’s just my own demented perception (actually, it would pretty much have to be, wunnit?) but it seems that when it comes to Ideas, only two possible states can exist:

1. I have more boffo literary concepts than my little brain and fingers can possibly transform into reality, or,

2. I’m beating a half-dead sack-of-shit horse — forget about the track, I’m just shooting for the truck to the glue factory.

I just realized that they both have the same result: nothing gets accomplished. In the first case, when I hit a snag I change horses in the middle of my stream-of-consciousness (to keep the horsey analogy going, cute!)  In the second case, well, a sack of shit is a sack of shit.

I’ve been jumping between 2-3 different projects, thinking about edits to older pieces and brainstorming on some interesting new markets/projects that have opened up.

I forget that I have the attention span of a moth and the time-management skills of a lemur.



  1. I hear lemurs inject coffee between their toes to heighten concentration. Then again, lemurs can’t be trusted.

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