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Just got back from my “vacation.”

Spent the week up at Mexico Beach, FL, visiting my parents. (It’s a 9 hour drive from Miami — people from out of state don’t realize how big the state is. Key West to Pensacola’s about 14 hours.) I must have truck driver blood, because I enjoy the night-time drive up, especially after you leave I-10 in Tallahassee and hit the two lanes. Saw 18 deer along the way, didn’t hit a single one.

Dad’s 89 and Mom’s 85, so things are… Hell, it’s like sliding down the rabbit hole. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Mom’s deaf as a post, doesn’t move around so good. Physically, the old man’s a little better. I think he’s too damn ornery to die, neither heaven nor hell would want a goddamn thing to do with him. Mentally, he’s slipping a bit (although he’s always been nuts,) biggest problem is spending money he doesn’t have. So, we spent a lot of time going over bills and budgets. Fun stuff.

Overall, though, I was pretty pleased with how they’re doing. Knock-knock-knock on wood.

Also did some major cleaning. Mom rarely throws anything out, but when she does try to give something away, he gives her a hard time — he thinks he can sell it at a garage sale (one of his delusions.) Mrs. James and I (she deserves a Nobel peace prize for her work over the past week) helped her “liquidate” a shitload of worthless assets. You can now walk through the house without tripping. Pretty much.

Saturday was tree trimming day. They have live oaks overhanging the house, and some of the branches were getting too low. I chain sawed and dragged wood all day long and I’m sore as hell but I’m glad I did it. There’s actually some light hitting the house now.

A little bit of good writing news, I submitted a 100 word version of an earlier flash piece to Necrotic Tissue (see links) and they accepted it. Pretty cool for an impromptu thing. It’s called “Tracks” and will appear in their next issue.