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Hey-hey-hey, Hurricane Fay

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The Cone of Destruction!

At the moment, it’s still a tropical storm but is expected to strengthen to a hurricane strength before it hits Florida, somewhere between Tampa and Ft. Myers by the map.

No big deal here. We’re under a tropical storm warning. Rain and some gusty winds. Today was the first day of school, which was canceled last night. They’ve also canceled classes for tomorrow. You might be surprised to learn that my son’s actually happy at this turn of events.

We don’t get off of work unless there’s a hurricane warning. As much as I’d love to get off work, spending 3-4 hours hanging storm shutters and moving outside shit inside sucks ass even more.

Still a month and a half of peak storm season to go. Hang on to your monogrammed panties.