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Look! A Story!

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I decided to put up a flash story I wrote a while back as a page on this blog.

Yeah, sure, now nobody will ever publish it because it’s on the web, but I submitted the story to a few places and it was rejected so it must suck.

Anyway, it’s called A Common Phobia and it’s now out there for all the world to crap on.  It’s not really horror, just creepor.


The October 2008 issue of Necrotic Tissue just hit the… uh, pdf file and includes my 100-word flash fiction story, “Tracks.”

It’s the very last story in the issue, and you know that you always end on a rocker, so I’m honored to be there.

The issue, bustin’ over with with more than 50 thousand words of bloody, necrotic and depraved goodness, looks like a classic.  Some really strong writers in this one, folks.  Trust me, I follow these things.  And…

…it’s absolutely free!

The first three issues are available from the homepage (above.)  They provide links to high and low-res versions.  They have some pretty slick graphics, but both versions look nice to me.

To get the latest issue, you do need to register with an email address, but swear to god, I’ve seen no spam from these folks.  And building their circulation will help them build their business, attract advertisers and allow them to pay me more money for my stories.  So get your ass over there now!