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The much awaited (well, by me, anyway) release of my short story, “That Smell,” has come to pass.

It’s part of the “One Step Beyond” anthology at Subatomic books, and you can read the whole story right here. Don’t worry, it’s less than two thousand words, no major time investment on your part, and it’s a decent little story.

All the stories in the anthology are rock-and-roll themed. Rock music and plane crashes have always captured my… interest, and the combination of the two is always fascinating. Maybe there’s an element of Icarus flying too high, too close to the sun.


In “That Smell,” I revisit the Lynyrd Skynyrd mythology in all it’s tragic glory. It’s based on a real horror story. (Here’s a link to a .pdf of the original NTSB Accident Report, for you morbid fuckers.)

Now go read my story, and leave a comment, goddamn it.

Oh yeah, they used the wrong name. I’m not James Stafford, I’m Horace James.