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Back from another of our traditional family Thanksgiving weekends:  packed up the kayaks and headed down for a couple of nights in the Keys.  Stayed at a slightly rundown keysy little resort near Marathon.  Thanksgiving dinner consisted of fried hamburgers and mashed potatoes on paper plates.  It was relaxing and the weather was perfect.

I’ve lived down here for almost 30 years and had never been to Bahia Honda state park, even though I’d heard a million times how wonderful it is.  Finally!  Reminds me of some of the cays of the Bahamas.  Nicest sand in the Keys by far.  Going back soon.

Another rejection on “El Dorado,” this one from Pedestal Magazine.  I didn’t research this one much, I sent it there because they pay okay and take simultaneous submissions.  Guess I can unsubscribe to all their stupid newsletters now.  Eldo will find it’s home, eventually.  I could really envision it as a graphic novel, maybe I should learn to draw.

Finally wrapped up “Red Tide,” my perverted Florida-based Cthulhu-ish story.  Sent it off to a new horror market, Arkham Tales.  It’s a new outfit, but they had some impressive stories in their first issue and I think it may be a good fit.  Go there, download their first issue for free.

This is not your father’s Cthulhu.


The Night Yakker

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I like to kayak.

We have three boats, and a truck to carry them around, but we haven’t been out much in the past year for a bunch of reasons. Too busy writing, I guess.

I joined this Miami Kayaking Meetup Group about a year ago, and have been seeing all these tantalizing boat trips in my inbox every week. So, on a whim, I decided to show up for a Thursday night 6pm paddle from Matheson Hammock park. (Note – link to funky commercial site, but has nice pictures.) No big deal, a short run down Biscayne Bay and then up a mangrove creek to Hidden Lake, then back.

It was a deluge all day long, with massive electrical bombardment. One of the nice things about my work is that I have a big window. I enjoyed the show, but by 5pm there was still major voltage flying around.

But I had to show, you never know. My boat was hanging out of the back of my truck, and it was going to get wet driving home anyway, so I figured I might as well be in it. I headed for the park.

I met Miles, the organizer, by the boat ramp. We stood in the warm drizzle shooting the shit and waiting for this third guy who didn’t show. The sparks were lessening, more horizontal now, but still — more people get celestially fried in Florida than anywhere else, and I’ve had my share of close calls.

But man… the water was sooo calm. The boats were ready to go. It was my call. “Let’s do it,” I said.

So, we had a nice paddle, he gets a variety of skill levels and enjoyed being able to go at a faster pace. We shared tales of weather and hurricanes, he had some wild kayak stories, my favorite being one about the two girls, one of whom was towing the other by a towline made of bikini tops. This may show up in a future story.

I’d been to Hidden Lake before, but wasn’t aware of the back passage in. The tide was coming in and it made for a fun ride through the mangroves. We hung there for a while, marveling at the electrical show up in the clouds, then checked out the birds on rookery island for a while. Headed back (against the tide was more challenging, but fun) and back up the bay. The rain started up again, with my boat you get wet anyway, so I didn’t care.

Soon, the Miami Skyline was visible and we were back.

First time I’ve ever done an after-work paddle, and I’m going to do it again. Restores the soul to working order, it does. And you can imagine all kind of spooky stuff in the mangroves and under the surface of the water in the moonlight. Inspirational. Especially the girls without the bikini tops.