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How appropriate that I would choose this uniquely American day that combines rodent worship, annual resurrection and primitive weather forecasting to update this blog.

Months have passed, and my brain is crammed with more crap than a groundhog burrow. I usually store the good material in my cheeks… but it all came out when I changed my underwear back in October.  Need to stop doing that.

What’s been happening? In literary terms, meet my co-writer, Jack Shit.  Jack has helped me build up a three-month net word count of -19,703.  I submitted a few stories, and one, a reprint, was picked up for an ebook anthology (more later.)

In real life, a lot more action, none of it particularly interesting or pleasant.  Some of it was downright gruesome. Ms. James had surgery for her torn right rotator cuff before Christmas. The surgery was no big deal, but the therapy? Holy fucking Christ on a Kawasaki. If Cheney and Co. really wanted to torture somebody, send them in for shoulder rehab.

Imagine having your arm twisted around your back. Hard. Now imagine if your back was in another room. Insert screaming here.

Then she developed a frozen shoulder… so the doc put her under again for a “manipulation” to bust it loose. Based on the bruises, I think crowbars were involved.

She’s doing better, just getting back to work this week.

Enough medical-themed gayety and tales of middle-aged disintegration for now.

I mean, fur gnaw.