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Maybe it’s just my own demented perception (actually, it would pretty much have to be, wunnit?) but it seems that when it comes to Ideas, only two possible states can exist:

1. I have more boffo literary concepts than my little brain and fingers can possibly transform into reality, or,

2. I’m beating a half-dead sack-of-shit horse — forget about the track, I’m just shooting for the truck to the glue factory.

I just realized that they both have the same result: nothing gets accomplished. In the first case, when I hit a snag I change horses in the middle of my stream-of-consciousness (to keep the horsey analogy going, cute!)  In the second case, well, a sack of shit is a sack of shit.

I’ve been jumping between 2-3 different projects, thinking about edits to older pieces and brainstorming on some interesting new markets/projects that have opened up.

I forget that I have the attention span of a moth and the time-management skills of a lemur.




“Baby Teeth” made the short list for the most recent submission period at Withersin. Will know by June 15.

Have been blasting The Who, “Live at Leeds” for the past few days. People driving behind me probably think I’m having a seizure, air-drumming along with Keith Moon.

Headline from the Miami Herald this morning:

Alligator Alley is closed; wildfires threaten

From the article:
A growing wildfire in the Everglades has authorities warning that Alligator Alley, closed since Wednesday evening, could remain shut down until Monday…

A wildfire fueled for days by 10,000 acres of dangerously dry Everglades vegetation may force authorities to keep Alligator Alley closed for the weekend, creating headaches for travelers…

The Florida Highway Patrol has kept the highway closed since about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, when smoke from the fire began billowing over the roadway in spots of Collier County and Big Cypress National Preserve…

This is from my story, “Smoked:”

The River of Grass was burning.

It hadn’t rained in months.  The cloudless sky had become a cauldron of eye-burning haze as the fires burned deep into the ancient muck, turning the dark blood and soul of the ‘glades into air pollution.

The creatures of the Everglades were on the move, fleeing the holocaust in search of life-saving water.

Other refugees had thirsts less easily satisfied. Exhumed by flame from Florida’s graveyard of convenience, the toxic souls of the vengeful dead, sustained by the ancient geological evil that resided in the primeval limestone bones of the peninsula, joined the smoke and wandered in the hot aimless wind.

Hopefully, the toxic souls of the vengeful dead are still resting fitfully.

I changed my theme.  Woo.

Look, just because you right dark fiction doesn’t mean you have to have a dark blog.  White letters on black gets to be a drag — like reading the labels on a TV remote in the dark.  So now it looks like the easy-t0-read version of the New York Times.  Live with it.

I should learn CSS and roll my own.  As if.

Queried the Dead Bait people, “Red Tide” didn’t make it into the anthology. Bummer.  Will be resubmeating it elsewhere.  I’m so disorganized when it comes to sending things out.  I barely have time to write, and having to research and ponder their arbitrary and vaguely insulting submission guidelines is torture.  I like Chizine’s guidelines (very slightly shortened:)

• Dark.
• Well-written.
• 4,000 words or less.

• Go to it.

I  hate when they suggest that you buy (not just read, but buy) a copy of the pub in order to “improve your chances of acceptance.”  Sounds like they staple a copy of your order right to the manuscript.  Keeps ’em from sinking to the bottom of the slush pile.

Back to the grindstone…


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How ’bout this for the opening line for a story:

The cunt of cold-war technodeath was in it’s prime when they decommissioned the missile base hidden deep in the  Everglades…

Yeah, it’s over the top, but tough shit.  I’ve decided to pull out the filters on my grindhouse story, “Smoked.”  Need to get it out of my system.  Ideas are percolating, the characters are copping attitudes and Darryl will soon be pistol-whipped and dragged behind a police cruiser.

This one has drunk driving, vehicular homicide, psycho-toxic industro-military waste, wandering spirits, cannibalism, amputation, brush fires, spiritual possession, zombie roadkill, multiple personality and torture.

I love post-modern romance.

I seem to have reached the ebb of one of my periodic mannish-depressions that mark my descent into the “manopause.”  I no longer despise all living things, sleeping is somewhat regular and life doesn’t seem like a placeholder for death.

With a little luck, I’ll be peaking by the weekend.


Finished the first draft of “Smoked,” a story I’ve been working on for months.  I’m so freakin’ prolific it hurts.

The ending needs a lot of work and will be rewritten several times over, but it’s an ending.  It’s 5000 words and needs to lose some weight.

In a first draft, it’s just baby fat.

This is another of my “Tales from Beyond the Urban Development Boundary.”  The UDB stories are all set in South Florida.  A couple have been published, one will be in the upcoming print issue of Necrotic Tissue, and another, “Red Tide,” is (I think?) shortlisted for the “Dead Bait Anthology” at Severed Press.  They received the story, they’re closed to submissions, and they haven’t rejected it.  At least, not to my face.  I did email the editor but haven’t received a reply.

We’ll see.

“Smoked” may be the best of the bunch.  Or not.  Maybe I’ll know six months from now when I finish the second draft.

I’m so s-l-o-o-o-w…

My New Business Plan

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What the hell’s going on here?

Nothing, much. This iTouch keyboard will ensure that this will be a short post, though.

Only have one story submitted right now. Red Tide, my Floridian Cthulhu story, was subbed to the “Dead Bait” antho which I think has closed. Maybe good that I haven’t heard anything yet.

Preparing to send Baby Teeth to the pro markets, it’s tight little story with a lot of creep and, atypically, no naughty words.

Now working on Smoked, another Florida pulpfest. This will give me enough for a collection of South Florida stories… have been wanting to publish this and sell them out of the back of my truck at touristy places in the keys. Maybe give away a pair of cheap sunglasses and beach chair with each one.
May not make any money at it but it’d be some fun.