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Just entered a story, “Santa’s Special Gift,” in the Spec the Halls contest for holiday-themed weirdness.  Check it out!  Vote and leave a comment! This will allow you to see something that’s a little lighter in spirit than my usual black hackery.  It’s still weirder than bloody hell, but it’s… kinder. Gentler, even.  Who knows, they might even send me money… not likely, given the literary world’s discrimination against what it considers “potty humor.”  However, anyone that’s read the scene in Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow set in the bathroom of the Roseland Ballroom knows that there’s literary gold in the toilet.  You just need an open mind.

You can read the story here on this blog, but if you like it, please run over there and tell them it’s the greatest piece of holiday literature involving doo-doo ever!

This story is a part of the Spec the Halls contest for speculative winter holiday-themed fiction, artwork, and poetry. You may find guidelines and links to other entries at