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Here I go again…

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
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… starting another story when I have about ten others in limbo. What can I say? The others bore me. I’m like a crow, dragging the shiny new thing back to the nest and pecking on it for a while before flying off to find a new one.

This one is called (working title) “Baby Teeth,” and it’s about the Tooth Fairy.

And by fairy, I of course mean a dark skulking thing that lives in holes and can sneak through tiny openings in your house to get to your children’s teeth, preferably while they’re still attached. There are pieces of childhood attached to those teeth, you see, and the fairy joneses for childhood fantasy and kidnaps imaginary friends. It gorges on childhood imagination and leaves no money behind, but may leave a sting that makes the stung part swell up, turn black and rot on your body. And you better hope it’s not your tongue.

Word count 3200 and I’m almost done. This one’s not going to sit around.


Root Canal Diary

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Had my first root canal on Wednesday. Wasn’t as bad as expected, and my back molar is feeling much better.

In fact, it’s not actually feeling anything. They opened the damn thing up like a can of tuna and scraped all those nasty troublesome nerves out of it. Weirdest part is when they stick those long files down into the roots.  They went in so far I thought they’d come out through the other side. Good thing I have a beard.

Before this, it wasn’t so much the pain but the sensation that it was rising up out of its socket like some kind of prehistoric fossil beast climbing out of the tar pit. I’d bite down and it would felt like it was pushing back, kind of a spring-loaded effect.

I can deal with it. At least I’m not at work, I can edit stories on my PDA while I’m waiting and I get a little bit of a buzz from the novocaine.

Gotta go back tomorrow so they can plug the canyon.