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This morning, my tires slipped on the blood on the parking lot ramp. You can’t cut without somebody bleeding, and yesterday the axe fell hard.

I don’t blog about work much, but it was a hard day, although not as hard for me as it was for six former coworkers.

I work(ed) for a small family owned business with 25 employees. Been in the same location for over 20 years. I’ve worked there for 15 but there were eight with even longer tenure.

And then there were four.

Us programmers were deemed necessary, although two recent hires were also let go.

It made business sense — the victims were all in areas that the Big Company has covered — hardware and documentation. Doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

The silver lining is the benefits: major improvement. The savings on health care will be like a modest raise and my vacation days have effectively been doubled. I really look forward to a going somewhere for more than one week.

I just wish my former coworkers were paid for their time off.



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Some days you eat the bear. Some days, the bear eats you.

Some days, usually Mondays, the bear tears your clothes off and pushes you down in the frozen mud and fucks you in the ass, and you scream until your lungs come out in bloody chunks.

So, you learn to love his grub-scented dirty breath and his clumsy prehistoric claws, or you get yourself a gun.

I’m just sayin…