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Posted: April 23, 2009 in Uncategorized
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How ’bout this for the opening line for a story:

The cunt of cold-war technodeath was in it’s prime when they decommissioned the missile base hidden deep in the  Everglades…

Yeah, it’s over the top, but tough shit.  I’ve decided to pull out the filters on my grindhouse story, “Smoked.”  Need to get it out of my system.  Ideas are percolating, the characters are copping attitudes and Darryl will soon be pistol-whipped and dragged behind a police cruiser.

This one has drunk driving, vehicular homicide, psycho-toxic industro-military waste, wandering spirits, cannibalism, amputation, brush fires, spiritual possession, zombie roadkill, multiple personality and torture.

I love post-modern romance.

I seem to have reached the ebb of one of my periodic mannish-depressions that mark my descent into the “manopause.”  I no longer despise all living things, sleeping is somewhat regular and life doesn’t seem like a placeholder for death.

With a little luck, I’ll be peaking by the weekend.



Finished the first draft of “Smoked,” a story I’ve been working on for months.  I’m so freakin’ prolific it hurts.

The ending needs a lot of work and will be rewritten several times over, but it’s an ending.  It’s 5000 words and needs to lose some weight.

In a first draft, it’s just baby fat.

This is another of my “Tales from Beyond the Urban Development Boundary.”  The UDB stories are all set in South Florida.  A couple have been published, one will be in the upcoming print issue of Necrotic Tissue, and another, “Red Tide,” is (I think?) shortlisted for the “Dead Bait Anthology” at Severed Press.  They received the story, they’re closed to submissions, and they haven’t rejected it.  At least, not to my face.  I did email the editor but haven’t received a reply.

We’ll see.

“Smoked” may be the best of the bunch.  Or not.  Maybe I’ll know six months from now when I finish the second draft.

I’m so s-l-o-o-o-w…

Many people don’t realize what a big state Florida is. Nine hour drive overnight from Miami to where I am right now, trying to update this blog using my parent’s old Windows 98 machine.  Sorry for the typos, but  I can only see about half of what I’m typing so this should be innaresting.

Anyway… add about 4 more hours to the drive if you were doing the full state from Key West to Pensacola.  It’s as bad as Nebraska.  (Not really…)

Came up with my son for a 4-day visit.  These visits are always a bitter-sweet thing (my mom handles the sweet and my dad covers the bitter) but they do okay for 85 and 89 (not saying much — although the old man was helping me dig a hole in the back yard so we could chainsaw some tree roots,  and he can still handle a shovel… not that the though of clobbering him with it hasn’t crossed my mind a few times.  And the chainsaw and  hole would have been a convenience.

Considering that he lives on sausage and coffee he’s in  pretty good shape.  I guess piss and vinegar keep keep it from congealing in his veins.

Hate to leave, but can’t wait to get back home.

My New Business Plan

Posted: April 2, 2009 in writing
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What the hell’s going on here?

Nothing, much. This iTouch keyboard will ensure that this will be a short post, though.

Only have one story submitted right now. Red Tide, my Floridian Cthulhu story, was subbed to the “Dead Bait” antho which I think has closed. Maybe good that I haven’t heard anything yet.

Preparing to send Baby Teeth to the pro markets, it’s tight little story with a lot of creep and, atypically, no naughty words.

Now working on Smoked, another Florida pulpfest. This will give me enough for a collection of South Florida stories… have been wanting to publish this and sell them out of the back of my truck at touristy places in the keys. Maybe give away a pair of cheap sunglasses and beach chair with each one.
May not make any money at it but it’d be some fun.

Malpractice Review

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Just a quick post… a brief review of Malpractice Anthology at Horror News.

… The point is, I loved the crap out of this book and you would be a moron not to be willing to drop $16 for something this good. Buy yourself a copy, and maybe even an extra one for that friend that is going under the knife. Forewarned is forearmed after all…

Available at Stygian Publications

(Sorry, not a direct link to the review, just select “Malpractice” from the framed set of links on the right.)

Here I go again…

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
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… starting another story when I have about ten others in limbo. What can I say? The others bore me. I’m like a crow, dragging the shiny new thing back to the nest and pecking on it for a while before flying off to find a new one.

This one is called (working title) “Baby Teeth,” and it’s about the Tooth Fairy.

And by fairy, I of course mean a dark skulking thing that lives in holes and can sneak through tiny openings in your house to get to your children’s teeth, preferably while they’re still attached. There are pieces of childhood attached to those teeth, you see, and the fairy joneses for childhood fantasy and kidnaps imaginary friends. It gorges on childhood imagination and leaves no money behind, but may leave a sting that makes the stung part swell up, turn black and rot on your body. And you better hope it’s not your tongue.

Word count 3200 and I’m almost done. This one’s not going to sit around.

malpracticeIt’s Available!

Actually, it’s “Malpractice: an Anthology of Bedside Terror” but inside you’ll find my short story, “Available.”

So… “Available” is available for your consumption, hopefully not consumption as described in the story.

To obtain this frightening pamphlet (for medicinal use only) go to the Necrotic Tissue website. You can order Malpractice and subscribe to the gleaming new print version of Necrotic Tissue, which will feature my story, “El Dorado” in the first issue.

Two full doses of HoJay from one convenient location. How can you pass it up?

Seriously though. The “staph” of NT are a nice bunch of people and deserve your support. Help them out! Keep the horror alive! Don’t miss out!

Buy it now!